Sunday, May 10, 2009

Plague 3.32

  • Game mode system is now functional - allows the user to resume games (eg: after going back into the options menu). 
  • Improved survivor graphics from Sean Lange.


jie said...

I got problem with the source package, it unzipped into a single folder. Seems like the archiver do not read it properly in a windows directory format use \ instead of / in *nix-style.

ben said...

I use IZarc, see if using thats allows you to unzip it correctly.

jie said...

Well, I don't have a Windows instillation as well as wine.

I tried through file-roller and peazip.

sean said...

jie: gzip has always worked for me on *nix

jie said...

It may be a library bug for Ubuntu 9.04.

sean: I test with gzip via "gzip -d"
then return:"gzip: unknown suffix -- ignored"

It works in windows archiver. And when I was using ubuntu 8.10, only xarchiver cause such error. Now it happened to all.

小小彬 said...