Monday, June 21, 2010

Attack of the paper zombies

The excellent indie freeware game, Attack of the paper zombies can be found here:

It's a really fun tower defence/squad based RTS. Really simple controls and gameplay, but with enough depth to be interesting and very well executed.


hfreeburg said...

I think that zombies is the most likely form of Armageddon.

Anonymous said...

Something you might find nifty:

They've done a whole series of steadily improving games, and this is the most recent. I've only tried the demo so far, but it seems to be very atmospheric and with a fair bit of RPG in it.

Benedict Carter said...

yeah, I love their games, I actually own them all. Alien Shooter Conscription is their latest, but its pretty unpolished so I wouldnt recommend buying it just yet.

I just wish that they would add more depth to their games to enhance longevity and replayability (random map generation, open world design and simulation instead of scripting). I also think procedurally generated weapons would be nifty.