Friday, April 10, 2009

Plague 3.28 released

Details in previous post.


sean said...

The pre-calculated LOS is nice overall. I noticed that trees still block LOS after being burned down, and that grenade range is now a lot less than the LOS distance.

New survivor images are coming along but it's taking a lot of tweaking to get them to look 'right' so don't hold your breath ;)

Benedict Carter said...

Hi Sean,

Thanks for the bug report. The trees blocking LOS after being burnt is a bug. Its caused by the tile you are standing on not being informed that the tree isnt there. I can change the list of tiles to inform simply enough from visible_tiles to check_tiles, but then theres loads of tiles that get informed that dont need to be.

I'm going to work through the bugs today, theres another one which is similar.

The grenade range is the old range. I think I should increase from 10 to 15, but I thought I'd leave as is for now.

Can I get a sneak peak preview of the new images (via email)?