Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Plague 3.39

Not much in the way of changes from 3.38 from a players perspective - I've just recoded some of the engine stuff - treat as a beta-ish release since all manner of bugs can crop up (although I think I've squished them all so far). Main reason for release is so the dll pack isnt needed.


peiha said...

Hey, I tried Plague and really enjoyed playing it, nice work!

I'd like to give some feedback tho..

First of all. I'd prefer some kind of loading screen with progress bar instead of just displaying messages.. While loading i saw fps and all those information which is not relevant to me when the game is actually loading something new.. It also made the impression of laggy game.

Second thing i'd like to address is the CPU and RAM usage of the game.. I played the game for 15 minutes. During that time the game was burning 100% of my second cpu ( which is 2.4ghz intel ) also the game was consuming 1.1GB of ram..

I think the game needs a bit tweaking there.. I can't imagine the images and sounds taking so much Ram; there has to be a memory leak somewhere

Also since the game FPS was limited to 30 I am wondering what the game was actually doing since it took all of cpu power..

Besides these problems, the game itself was impressive and well-thought

Benedict Carter said...

The Peiha,

Yeah, I also want a loading screen, havent built one yet (I would have to control the loading process differently).

There are three reasons why Plague is using loads of ram and CPU

1: Its written in Python (which is not as generally zippy as C++)

2: Because of loads of calculations behind the scenes - essentially the game is very heavy on the AI front (all characters see, remember, think). Pathfinding is especially expensive.

Its also really physics heavy and that costs loads of CPU.

3: this is my first time programming - I probably should've aimed for something simpler.

The reason its using loads of ram is because it uses so much CPU, I cache results wherever possible to speed up future calculations - this costs ram.

No doubt it can be improved to reduce the CPU and memory foot rint, but as this is my first time programming, so I dont know all the tricks yet (and I'm not really willing to sacrifice features).

jie said...

Still extracted into one single folder with many files named res\****

seems like archive under Linux do not read these...