Monday, August 3, 2009

Plague 3.37

  • Fixed Bug: items could be dropped from inventory after they had been removed, leading to AI bugs where the AI would try to pick up the item (but it wasnt possible, so they'd become stuck). Similar bug (to do with blocks/hives/shrubs) may still be present... nasty bug!
  • Survivor AI: Will now turn and fight if pressed too hard by zombies
  • Ammo: Ammo generated as part of level recharges (eff. ammo crates)
  • Survivor AI: Will now not try to pick up ammo which is mostly empty
  • Rocket launcher now has a min_dist before explosion
  • Survivors now start all over the map
  • Floating point maths error with shadowing fixed (so shadowing always work properly now)
  • Tweaked flamethrower stats
  • Saved survivors now join your squad (max 4 for speed)
  • Improved demo to include survivors and zombies (battle but without the player)
  • Need to reduce path finding updates (/or some other path finding speed optimisation)
  • continue removing stupid ammo and block bug (grrr)


Brian said...

Coming along nicely still I see! I'd say another good move for ya is to get the game registered up proper over on Roguebasin so as to reach more players that'd get a kick out of it!

Benedict Carter said...

good idea, im just migrating to win7 RC, so that'll fill the gap while i grab drivers... done. Dont know how to setup a project page though.

Brian said...

Hmm...I'd say easiest way to reckon up a quality page would be to pop into the Roguetemple board and have somebody break down the ideal way to go about it. I know for just a straight news bit aiming back here you just use the "Announce New Release" link and follow the format...but yeah, ask on Roguetemple so as to make the actual info page crystal clear.