Monday, June 1, 2009

Plague 3.33

The survivor AI has had a comprehensive rewrite. Survivors now remember the state of the map and utilise this information while they prioritise actions, and they plan their journeys accordingly.

I have disabled survivor formations and orders for this release (I'm out of time this weekend). I'll add that back in the near future.

I'm not convinced the state machine I've designed is the best one possible (I'm fairly sure there's a couple more rewrites from me as I gain more experience/need more performance). If anyone has experience with writing state machines or planning state managers and wants to help out with designing and/or coding, I'd love to hear from you.


ValleyVertex said...

Would you like some help with graphics? I was thinking about learning python to work on a similar project, but I wouldn't mind looking over your shoulder and providing some content. Let me know, keep up the good work!

Benedict Carter said...

Sure thing, you are most welcome. What did you have in mind specifically?

BTW: I'm having a python day today so there should be a new release out tonight.

小小彬 said...