Monday, June 29, 2009

Plague 3.34

It's been a long time since my last release! (I've been playing Gothic3. Sacred2, Prototype, Viking, Too Human in my weekends). That said, I think I'm through most of the games I want to play, so we should be back on track for regular development of plague.

Plague 3.34 changes:
  • Survivor AI now essentially event based where possible
  • Survivor squads added back in (use "V" to issue orders). It's not perfect, but it works good enough for this release.
  • I've added a Rocket Launcher (so much fun) - it needs decent art and sounds...
  • I've added smoke to explosions that is (poorly) physically modelled - yeah, it's really slow, but its kinda cool to look at and it obscures vision (I need to cleanup the collision code to become event based to help speed this up)
  • Survivors now dont bump "hard" into each other, and I'm reasonably satisfied with the friendly collisions now
  • Survivors dont get hurt by bullets, and they dont check their fire. This means you can shoot safely past friends, which is a major change. I basically got sick of trying to sort out formations not blocking your line of fire and decided this was an easy quick fix. I might change this back in the future once formations work well again
  • Loads of small code fixes/cleanups
  • I've changed the players avatar color to be easier to differentiate (I was finding it hard).


Cro said...

Man, you are really great. :)
It's a cool game and a nice design. I'm following it since version 3.0. Good work, congratz!
I wonder... do you like ASCII art?

Benedict Carter said...

Thanks :)

Yep, I like ASCII art - not so much in computer games but I think the pictures/maps/etc people draw in text files are pretty cool.