Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Plague 3.34 redux

I'm just uploading 3.34 again. I was mucking around with the smoke and opaque smoke costs a ridiculous amount of CPU time. I have therefore set smoke opacity to zero, and now Plague runs nice and fast - smoke is just eye candy now. Gutted. Anyway, if you get the source version you can put make opaque smoke (simdata.py line 1499).


sean said...

Nice to see your back at it, I had to take a similar break after I found out I could play Masters of Magic on my laptop.

The rocket launcher is too much fun, especially if one of the AI survivors end up with it. The only problems are that #9 (and 8 I think) don't switch to those weapons and the map zoom / weapon toggle commands got switched.

I also recently read 'the zombie survival guide'. It's got a few interesting ideas that might be fun to play around once I get past the rest of the projects I've been neglecting.

Benedict Carter said...

Hi Sean, good to hear from you too.

Ohmigod! I LOVE Masters of Magic, I havent played this in over a decade! Were-boars!

The Rocket Launcher is fun. :) I'm going to add a flamethrower next. I didnt sync the weapon keys (I added it in a rush).

I swapped weapon switch and zoom because I like zooming more than I like switching weapons.

I wrote down a bunch of ideas that wont take too much work and should make Plague significantly more satisfying to play last night, will try to crack through them tomorrow. I've also found a bunch of bugs, and I'll spend a bit of time fixing them (but I currently think its better to add features than remove unimportant bugs).

The strategic game isnt coded at all yet. Ive got my own zombie survival guide mapped out in my head (just in case its needed in real life, as you do) but designing it thoroughly in advance would be a good idea.