Sunday, July 12, 2009

Plague 3.35

I didnt get as much as I wanted to do done today, due to unforseen events. That said, I:
  • Added end of level stats showing your cumulative kill count etc (I'll put in discrete kill count as well next time)
  • refactored: simobject rmeoval to remove a bug
  • refactored the cellular simulations for heat and shockwaves to take time as an input variable, and made them update at varibles rates (trading accuracy for greater speed)
  • increased sim sight radii - need to see further for explosions - Plague is probably too easy right now, dont worry, I've got something planned that you'll either love or hate :)
  • improved smoke art - it was uuuugly.
  • turned off pre-processing of line of sight by default (turn on in options if you want)
Stuff I didnt get done that I'll try for next weekend:
  • Flamethrower (now I've sped up the fire)
  • cave system type level generation
  • city type level generation
  • random level type
  • level generation paramerisations randomly picked to increase level unpredictability
  • add more survivors, less weapons and make them start at random locations


Brian said...

Keep at it! If the next version hits your general targets(mainly the randomization bits to keep things mixed up and lively) then I'll spring this on a pal of mine that was just handwringing the other day that "Gah, where are the games like ___(this)?!"

Also, thought about rigging up a trailer on youtube or some such at some point? Seems like this kinda game would express well in motion.

Benedict Carter said...

Almost done on the level generation upgrade.

I should put something up on youtube, but I have no idea how. I'd be very happy for someone else to do that though... :)

Where are the games like this? I dont know, which is why I'm making Plague. That said, Alien Shooter 2 ( is VERY good. XCOM is also available on Steam. Syndicate isn't, but it should readily found, and Freesynd might be worth a look (