Thursday, July 23, 2009

Plague 3.36

Well, Plague seems to be fairly stable, so heres another playable release. I wont get to work on it for the next week at all, so the next release will probably be two weeks away.

There is a desperate need for some better artwork for the Rocket Launcher (RT) and Flame Thrower (FT), both images and sounds. If anyone wants to help out (with that or anything else), please feel free.

  • Flamethrower (oh so much fun)
  • city type level generation
  • random level type
  • level generation paramerisations randomly picked to increase level unpredictability
  • Changed collision checking to be event based (speed op)
  • Removed various bugs (sorry, cant remember, too tired)
Todo in the near future:
  • cave system type level generation
  • RL_bullet bug - sometimes explodes straight away as it collides with RL (need to add a min safety dist check)
  • tile based background
  • doors
  • add more survivors, less weapons and make them start at random locations
  • check shadowing algorithm for bugs (sim removal sometimes removes too much shadow)
  • human corpses
  • zombies drag corpses back to hives
  • refactor level generation as a state machine to control level generation outcomes


Brian said...

Awesome...he's been informed!

sean said...

Hey Ben,

I'm on vacation for 3 weeks but once I get back I'll do some art up for the new guns. And you're right about the FT, it is too much fun.

Benedict Carter said...

Cool, thanks Sean.

Yeah, it is too much fun. Makes me think the fun of the rest of the game needs revamping...