Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pygame 313 known issue

I changed the way bullet trails were drawn at some point, because of the new way I was handling bullet physics, and it has introduced an "error" where it looks like bullets bounce off fog. They dont, thats just the visible part of the trajectory being interpolated (incorrectly, I need two separate draw lines). 

I'll fix it eventually, but I really want to concentrate on getting action RPG type stats into the game instead.


john said...

difficulty level is too hard for beginners.

how about 'Quake'-style movement (e.g. character moves in direction of mouse pointer?)

Benedict Carter said...

the difficulty level is actually a bit too hard for me from time to time, so your point is well taken.

yes, quake style movement is possible, a friend has already asked for this but I havent made a good way to get "options" like control schemes into the game yet (apart from having toggle keys that are unlabelled, which is not great). it'll appear once the framework to support options like that exists.

sean said...

I have some new grenades, fast zombies, and a shotgun posted here.

The grenades are kind of oversized, but they loose all detail when I tried to scale them down more.

For the shotgun, I just changed the discharge_round method in simobject's Weapon class to this, then add sim.bullets = 1 to all of the guns in simdata.

With these gun and bullet properties, it's balanced pretty similar to the AR.

Benedict Carter said...

Hi Sean,

Those look great! I'll also add the shotgun, nicely done.

Benedict Carter said...

Just by the by, don't feel constrained to limit your artwork to what I've previously done. The zombie_fast image is pretty much placeholder art. I still don't know what I want it to look like.