Sunday, March 8, 2009

Plague 3.17 - changes galore!

  • survivors now can have squad behavior and formations (extensions to come)
  • Sean Lange has added walking animation for Survivors
  • survivors now avoid heat (they run away from fire)
  • guns now start with a full clip of ammo
  • capped the number of zombies and hives to stop massive slow downs
  • scaled the number of permissible zombies to the number of remaining hives
  • removed a bug where survivors try to pick up a weapon they already have
  • fixed a bug where the laser charged while the simulation was paused
  • made the player exempt from sharing weapons with other survivors
  • added a drop weapon key (x), drops your current weapon and switches to another weapon if you have one (I know there is an intermittent bug with this, bug reports welcome)
  • have not added all of Sean Lange's additional art (I'm out of weekend).

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