Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Plague 3.25

  • Op: AI code sped up by factor of approx 10* (thanks Sean).
  • Op: Control code sped up by being event based (thanks SanityImpaired)
  • Op: controls moved to
  • Op: onfire checking code now only applies to sims with AI.
  • Op: Timer code sped up by selective updating (thanks Sean).
  • Op: Timer code now uses sets
  • Op: Bullets the bounce too often are now killed (removes massive FPS drop spikes).
  • Op: LOS speed optimisation turned back on by default (leads to artifacts)
  • Starting zombies now a separate parameter to num_zombies
  • Made background color darker
  • Reduced sim sight radius (so that at full zoom in you see to edge of screen)
  • Allowed AI sims to share ammo
  • Changed all fonts to boston (thanks Sean)


Keul said...

For what I tested the last version has a strange bug. Very often when I weals on an ammo pack the other human begin to push me; the final results is that the ammo pack begin to move with the player (below him) so the other human simply continue to block my movement!

Benedict Carter said...

Ah. When I was building that code I did wonder if there would be unintended consequences.

I'm guessing that what is happening is that other humans are sharing their ammo with you because you "dont have enough" by dropping some of their ammo on the ground under you.

You "have enough ammo" when your gun has 50 bullets. I'm guessing you were using a pistol at the time, with a max of 10 bullets? I'll change the check to something that is a bit more robust.

Benedict Carter said...

That reminds me, I did plan on making humans avoid you more as well. I'll ad to a todo list so I dont forget either of these.

sean said...

There's also a print statement on line 1144 of simobject ;)

I really like the feel of the 'boston' font but IMO it's not all that readable at lower sizes and it unfortunatly doesn't have a full character set so things like backslash get rendered all weird. I'll take a quick look around for something similar with all the chars & more eye-friendliness.

If I have some free time tomorrow I'll see about cleaning up the options screen, and maybe take a look at the AI and/or a respawn button for a more arcade feel. I imagine you're gonna be pretty busy with all Rene's changes this weekend.

Benedict Carter said...

I too like the feel of the boston font too, so thats why I changed everything over. I did wonder about the eye friendliness of Boston, but I just thought that was my screen (its an LCD TV and doesnt do red on black well - no, not good for Plague :P). I saw it was missing characters, so I started to replace with nearly equiv characters.

OK, I wont touch AI or options.

Benedict Carter said...

Hey Sean,

About the respawn button: PyMike suggested filling up the health bar again and making the player invincible for a few seconds (and decrementing a "life" (need to add "lives"). (Might also be necessary to set off a small concussion grenade there in case the player is being swamped by zombies and cannot move).

I remembered I wanted to use the Chronicles of Riddick health system, so I'll start work on that: 3+ health bars, health recharges in your current health bar, medikits replenish fully depleted health bars, and when a health bar is depleted you become invincible for a short amount of time (and drop into the next health bar).

A respawn system and a new health system arent incompatible so I think its probably worth making a respawn button.

Benedict Carter said...

Oh yeah, thanks for catching the debug print statement, commented out. ;)

sean said...

Found another one. The grenades are #'d 1-3 on the UI so you can't switch to them. It was OK though since it made me use concussions for a bit of testing and they're actually pretty fun, expecially with the new map generation (which is much better BTW.)

It made me think about maybe doing grenades up the same way as guns. IE: you only start with 1 concussion, but if you find the right pickup, you can add molotov/incendiary. Seems you can also throw grenades through walls right now, which is nice for taking out the massive Z's.

I also dug through fonts for a little while and found a few other that fit the bill. My Underwood was at the top of my list. It's got enough symbols, upper/lower case, a nice unsettling feel, it's easy enough to read the UI at a glance, and it fits the existing spacing of the UI/menu.

If it works for you, I'll fix up the rest of the title screen to match more when I get back 'round to working on the menu.

Benedict Carter said...

Hi Sean,

Change grenade type with "g". You can throw grenades over rocks as rocks are 1m high... I knew that, but I guess you cannot see depth in a 2D top down game. I'm guessing no other players will know that. Urg. What to do?

"My Underwood" is good. It works for me :P . I think boston is nice as well though, and I'm sure we can have both. Both are way better suited than whatever I was using.

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