Monday, January 19, 2009

New Plague 3.12

The previous release had an error (from an incomplete copy/replace) that didnt allow it to make a main game. Odd since I tested that last night. Fixed now anyway.
... (2 days later)..
OK, so its fixed and UPLOADED now... ... enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 869, in "module"
File "", line 858, in load_menu
File "", line 839, in load_battle
File "engine.pyo", line 93, in start
File "engine.pyo", line 129, in __mainLoop
File "", line 576, in update
File "", line 442, in run_CA_sim
File "", line 715, in make_level
AttributeError: Partitions instance has no attribute 'max_partition'

Benedict Carter said...


Thanks for the error report. Yep, thats the error referred to in this post. Is that from the winexe or the source?

... ... ...

Argh! The source didnt upload this morning! OK, re-uploading fixed source now, should be good.

Obviously too much haste and not enough speed on my part.

Anonymous said...

Hello again, that was the winexe, and the latest 3.12 from the website still produces that error. :(

Benedict Carter said...

Thanks for alerting me. It appears that google sites doesnt always finish uploading my files (and I start them and wander off)...

I've watched over these ones and (through repeated uploading) made sure they have uploaded. Should be good to go! Hope you have fun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, that did the trick, runs fine! One new issue I found was with a large delay shooting the sniper rifle down and right - a big pause before the yellow bullet line appeared. It may have been map-specific.

Benedict Carter said...

Was there lots of other stuff going on when you shot? Did you shoot through a lot of other stuff? Much fire? And was it just the once?

(I ask because sniper rifle bullets have high penetration, and can go through many targets, thereby necessitating lots of calcs)

Anonymous said...

I probably should have zoomed out. I think I was shooting through a bunch of Zs. If I get it again I'll take a screenshot of the situation. If the game gets a save-game system, this would allow people to find situations like this and send them in to you. :)

Benedict Carter said...

Yes. Plague actually does have a save system. Sadly it uses JSON and I have not been able to get it to import into the WinExe... don't worry though, when I add more stuff that will necessitate saving (like adding enough gameplay so that an individual game lasts longer than a few minutes) I'll get that sorted (or move to something that isnt JSON).

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