Monday, January 19, 2009

Plague 3.12 - fun and speedy changes abound

  • optimised connected sets algorithm to calculate optimal cells only – builds maps faster 
  • made CA_tech demo more fun by letting player burn stuff and delete rocks, etc. 
  • “easter egg”: press “o” on the main screen for the test map. You can deposit stuff using numpad keys. Fun for making your own map and populating with soldiers, zombies, ammo, etc. 
  • Renamed Connected_sets to Partitions 
  • made zombie_normal slightly slower 
  • made zombie_massive turn slightly slower 
  • made bullet currently_penetrating only for blocking sims 
  • fixed logical error in bullet_collision. Bullets now interact with more than the first sim (eg: sniper rifle bullets kills MULTIPLE zombies in one shot).

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