Friday, January 16, 2009

Plague 3.09

  • Code rewrite to make code more readable, use inheritance more, and do things in smarter ways
  • Some nice new sprite art / sprite improvements from Sean on
  • Rest of sprite art upgraded to match Seans work.
  • Changing drawing order so UI drawn last
  • Reduced bounciness of some bullets (where the gun has a high fire rate) to decrease computational load
  • calculated bullet draw paths without physics_locations – new list: draw_locations made
  • fixed add_sim so that “effects” are always drawn


sean said...

Hi Ben.

I found a few bugs while running through this version. If you kill another human (with guns or grenades) python crashes.

Less critically, The zombie hive count on the UI doesn't reset between games. The map still has the right number but the UI shows 10 + whatever was leftover if the horde won. (turns out this happens on 3.08 too)

Benedict Carter said...

Hi Sean, thanks for the testing. I've fixed those bugs and changed a little bit more, hopefully for the better. Also the 310 release uses the rest of the your sprite art. Cheers for that!

Benedict Carter said...

Oh. I have just realised I misread your second bug. Whoops! Time to fix that.